Install Node.js on Ubuntu System

Let’s take a quick look to install node.js on UBUNTU system.

1. Download node.js from

Then open terminal and go to download folder and extract node.tag file

2. tar xvf .node-v0.6.17.tag.gz

3. Now install libssl-dev

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev

4. Move to extracted node-v0.6.17 folder

cd node-v0.6.17

5. then fire ./configure command from console.


Will do a lot of configuration setting for us.

6. Type make and post sudo install make

7. Make sure node and npm had got install (We not need to install npm seperatly, it’s build in node.js itself)

node -v

npm  -v

That’s it. Enjoy with node.js

Hopefully in next post will write Hello world program.

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