Couch DB

CouchDB is a NoSQL, schema-free JSON document storage where JavaScript can access the database directly via HTTP with no middleware required!

1.JavaScript can access the database directly.

2.Browser-based GUI-> Play with your data, permissions and configuration right from the browser with CouchDB’s interface Futon.

3. Replication->Replication synchronizes two copies of the same database, allowing users to have low latency access to data no matter where they are. These databases can live on the same server or on two different servers—CouchDB doesn’t make a distinction. If you change one copy of the database, replication will send these changes to the other copy.

4.Security-> It also has database-level security. The permissions per database are separated into readers and admins. Readers can both read and write to the database but admins can also update the _design documents in a database.

5.validation-> The ability to validate inserts is built right into the database. You can combine with authentication to check to make sure the creator of the document is the one who is logged in.

6.Map/Reduce, List and Show-> You can take a bunch of documents, emit what you need and then reduce it down based on grouping relevant data.


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