Why do people use App42PaaS when AWS is present?

Recently i came across question: Why do people use App42PaaS when AWS is present?

It’s really interesting ­čÖé

Firstly, let me tell you, AWS and App42PaaS are different kind of cloud service providers. There should not be any comparison between them as AWS provides IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service) where as App42PaaS provides PaaS(Platform as a Service).

Now you must thinking what are the differences between them. Right?

In very short, IaaS gives you instance of Virtual Machine where you need deploy your application on top of it. PaaS gives you an environment where you just push code with some basic configuration by choosing them.

Let’s talk in details:


Now a days, people are used to refer IaaS as HaaS(Hardware as a Service) as name suggest, IaaS provide us hardware, servers and networking components including storage. Once you own the instance, its become your responsibilities for housing, running and maintaining it and you typically pays on a per-use basis.



App42PaaS basically help developer to speed the development of app, saving money and most important innovating their applications and business instead of setting up configurations and managing things like servers and databases. Other features buying to use App42PaaS is the application deployment process such as agility, High Availability, Monitoring, Scale / Descale, limited need for expertise, easy deployment, and reduced cost and development time.


Hopefully, i answered above question, if still you have question let me know in the comments.


Amazon S3 Library for Ruby

1. Install amazon s3 gem.

$gem install aws-s3

2. Connect with S3.

require 'aws/s3'

  :access_key_id     => 'key goes here',
  :secret_access_key => 'secret goes here'

3. Various operation on S3 buckets:

a) store an object on S3
S3Object.store('me.jpg', open('headshot.jpg'), 'photos')

b) More explicitly data
  'name of object',
  'name of bucket',
  :content_type => 'image/jpeg'

c) Fetch object from S3
picture = S3Object.find 'headshot.jpg', 'photos'





1. Make sure you have multi verse, We need to run this command to install ec2-api-tools

sudo apt-get install ec2-api-tools

2. We need to do some fundamental setup to access AMAZON from our local ubuntu system.
export EC2_KEYPAIR=<your keypair name> # name only, not the file name export EC2_URL=https://ec2.<your ec2 region>.amazonaws.com export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=$HOME/<where your private key is>/pk-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.pem export EC2_CERT=$HOME/<where your certificate is>/cert-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.pem export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/

3.Change the permission of .pen keys.

chmod 600 <your keypair name>
4.To connect with amazon:

ssh -i <your keypair name> ubuntu@ec2.<your ec2 region>.amazonaws.com

That's it..........


New to EC2: Unable to connect to host error

It might be that your corporate firewall is not letting out SSL based traffic. If that is the case you have two options:
1) change the environment variable EC2_URL to http://ec2.amazonaws.com/
2) ask your administrator to allow external access on port 443
If you use the non SSL http://ec2.amazonaws.com/ URL you should be aware that although your requests are authenticated, i.e. no-one else can perform EC2 calls as you,  they will not be confidential, i.e. someone could view your requests.