Apache questions?

1) What’s the command to stop Apache?

->kill the specific process that httpd is running under, or killall httpd. If you have apachectl installed, use apachectl stop.

2) What is mod_vhost_alias?

->It allows hosting multiple sites on the same server via simpler configurations.

3)What is location of log files for Apache server ?


4)How to restart Apache web server ?

->service httpd restart

5)What does htpasswd do?

->It creates a new user in a specified group, and asks to specify a password for that user.

6)On which port Apache server works ?

->http – port 80
https – port 443

7)Name of configuration file of Apache server ?


8) Which tool you have used for Apache benchmarking?

->ab (Apache bench)

9.How do you change the default web root?

->The solution is to change the DocumentRoot in httpd.conf file.

10.Can we limit on uploads on your web server?

>This can be achieved by LimitRequestBody directive.