Install camping on Ubuntu


– Camping is a web framework which consistently stays at less than 4kB of code. You can probably view the complete source code on a single page. But, you know, it’s so small that, if you think about it, what can it really do?

Camping is a Ruby Micro Framework

The idea here is to store a complete fledgling web application in a single file like many small CGIs. But to organize it as a Model-View-Controller application like Rails does. You can then easily move it to Rails once you’ve got it going.


– Camping is distributed as ruby gem, So we can install in single command.

$ gem install camping

РFor full package we recommend to install camping-omnibus which contain all required libraries.

gem install camping-omnibus

If you are going to use the views you also need to install markaby,

$ gem install markaby

That's it. Now you can enjoy camping on your ubuntu.